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New Year Message from President and CEO (abridged version)

January 4, 2017
Ichiro Okamoto
President and CEO
Nippon Light Metal Holdings Co., Ltd.

New Year Message from President and CEO (abridged version)



Let me start by wishing you all the best for 2017. I hope this finds you safe and well.

Safety should be at the forefront of our minds as we enter the New Year. An uncompromising attitude toward satisfying the highest standards of safety is the ultimate expression of the care and consideration we show our co-workers. To achieve “Zero-accidents” is our most important goal.

Global trends were hard to discern in 2016. However, we achieved our consolidated earnings targets for the first half of FY2016, partly due to the tailwind provided by lower oil prices. We made steady progress in the first year of our Midterm Management Plan. Without being overly optimistic, I believe that we are on track to achieve ¥25 billion in ordinary profit for the full year. In December 2016, we also paid our first interim dividend in 24 years including the time we were listed as Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd. I think we can be confident that the company is on the right track.

In recent years, the global aluminum industry has consolidated in pursuit of greater economies of scale. This is not a path that we will go down at the NLM Group. It is often said that strategy is about achieving differentiation from the competition. I am confident that our surest route to success is to develop the NLM Group operations based on in-depth consideration of the unique value that we can offer our customers. We will determine our own path by assessing global trends and by considering how our customers will respond to such trends, and by leveraging the strengths we possess in order to deliver customer value. Based on these trends and strengths, we will then develop detailed plans of action.

I believe the NLM Group has abundant talent in terms of our ability to “think and act”. Over the past few years we have demonstrated our ability to think, hold frank discussions, hone in on what is important, and then take collective action. One of our great strengths as team players with a team-focused strategy has been to develop the NLM Group operations over many years based on “Yokogushi Development Platform*” while putting our “Create–Make–Sell” concept into practice. It is the outstanding talent of our people that gives me the confidence to say that, whatever we turn our hand to, we can make attractive materials from the wealth of capabilities that is the NLM Group. Let’s continue to thrive by identifying and developing our strengths as a comprehensive manufacturer of aluminum products.

An enterprise cannot hope to flourish unless it continues to grow. We cannot be satisfied with small-scale or short-lived successes. Our Midterm Management Plan calls for active investment to promote growth. Yet achieving success is not simply a question of spending money. We must work as a team that combines detailed thinking and planning with passion. Inspired by the conviction that the future is ours to create, our core principles remain unchanged: cultivate small ideas so that they eventually become big businesses and adopt a “market-pull” approach. We must not be afraid of failure as we take on the challenge of developing and expanding the NLM Group.

In 2017, let’s work together safely and enthusiastically as “Team NLM - Groundbreaking Innovator of Aluminum and Beyond.”

* Yokogushi Development Platform: A cross-functional platform for developing multifunctional products  


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