Nippon Light Metal Holdings Company, Ltd.

The Value Creation Process

Based on its Management Policy, the NLM Group aims to solve a range of material issues under the slogan of "as Team NLM, becoming a groundbreaking innovator of aluminum and beyond." We will invest both financial and non-financial capital in a wide range of businesses and contribute to the improvement of people's quality of life and environmental protection through the circulation of capital that is achieved by providing value to each stakeholder and creating social value.

Corporate Philosophy

Contribute to improving people's quality of life and environmental protection by continuing to create business, focused on aluminum.

Material Issues

External Environment

  •   Carbon neutrality
  •   Circular economy
  • ❸  Technological innovation
  • ❹  Changing demographics
  • Advance of globalization
  • ❻  Respect for human rights/diversity & inclusion
  •   Food issues


  • Achieving the Corporate Philosophy
  • Developing new markets and expanding existing businesses by responding to the social structure and environment
  • Building a robust, safe and secure supply chain


  • Climate change risks
  • Inter-material competition risks
  • Supply chain fragmentation risks
  • Risks of initiatives being inferior to those of competitors
The Five Material Issue Themes of the NLM Group
  • Protecting the global environment
  • Providing sustainable value
  • Happiness of employees
  • Responsible procurement,
    production and supply
  • Corporate ethics and governance

Creating social value


Financial Capital
Shareholders'equity:195.0 billion yen
Interest-bearing debt:155.4 billion yen
Human Capital
Annual expenditure on education and training:17,800 yen/employee
Social Capital
Strong relationships that can respond to customer needs
Wide variety of customer groups through a broad range of business fields
Fixed Capital
Production sites:(49 domestic plants and five countries overseas)
Capital expenditures:23.2 billion yen
Intellectual Capital
Number of patents held:1,336
Research and develop-ment expenses:6,443 million yen
Natural Capital
Electrical energy usage:8.3 PJ
Water consumption:0.9 million m3

FY2021/ As of March 31, 2022

Business Activities

FY2022-2024  Mid-term Management Plan

  • 1.Provide products and businesses that contribute to the creation of social value
  • 2.Strengthen management foundation

Market Sectors

  • Automotive
  • Electrical machinery, electronics and telecommunications
  • Environment, safety and energy
  • Public facilities, landscaping and architecture
  • Transportation
  • Food and health, industrial products


Value provided directly to stakeholders

Provision of solutions to problems
Safe and secure workplace and job fulfillment
Local communities
Coexisting with local communities
Global environment
Environmental impact, reducing CO2 emissions
Business partners and partner companies
Co-existence and co-prosperity
Shareholders and investors
Improving corporate value Stable dividends

Creating social value