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2023/01/04 (p2023010401hde.pdf)

New Year Message from President and CEO at the Start of 2023

January 4, 2023

New Year Message from President and CEO at the Start of 2023


Ichiro Okamoto
President and CEO
Nippon Light Metal Holdings Co., Ltd.


 Happy New Year to all, and GO ANZEN NI!*¹
 Beginning last year, I added “health” to “safety” and have told you that “safety and health take priority over everything else.” COVID-19 has greatly affected our health and is still a part of our everyday lives. I strongly hope that this year, as well, you will enjoy a safe and healthy company and private life while at the same time remaining vigilant and thoroughly implementing measures to prevent infection.

 I believe that we grew to be a corporate group steadily earning 20 billion yen in ordinary profit, even under difficult economic conditions, through our Group’s medium-term management plan for fiscal 2019 to 2021.
 We started our new mid-term management plan for fiscal 2022 to 2024 in this fiscal year. The two basic policies of the plan are “Provide products and businesses that contribute to the creation of social value” and “Strengthen management foundation”. Going forward, we will steadily advance, step by step, in order to become a corporation that grows sustainably. I intend to pursue my vision for the NLM Group by combining our strengths with what customers and the world value.

 In 2021, serious issues were discovered regarding quality in the Group. What we must do with regard to the quality issues is to thoroughly root out corruption and make this a cornerstone of our future; to rebuild our quality assurance organization and make our quality assurance system impeccable; and to thoroughly reform the organizational culture that serves as the foundation of our actions. We must make ourselves a corporate group for which an incident such as this would never occur again.

 The business environment around the Group as well as the nature of value creation sought by society will change greatly in the future. In response to the issue of climate change, a societal dilemma shared by the entire world, the pace of activities aimed at achieving carbon neutrality will increase even more. It is also a certainty that it will bring about significant change in the business environment around us. Amid these twists and turns of society, we cannot simply stand still dumbfounded. What supports the framework of our Group today are our business divisions, who have faced these changes with boldness and determination to transform our business operations. Among our colleagues, there are many who have set good precedents. We must not fear failure. Including any workplace, each of us must take it as natural that the work we did yesterday, the work we do today, and the work we will do tomorrow will differ, and resolutely face the changes in society.

 Team NLM - Groundbreaking Innovator of Aluminum and Beyond. Let us believe in ourselves and always look to the future as we continue to move forward together. Thank you.GO ANZEN NI.*¹


*¹GO ANZEN NI: A greeting that means “safety takes priority over everything else” and that expresses a wish for mutual safety and health.


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