Message from the CEO

The NLM Group will continue to provide wide-ranging solutions that support the progress of industrial society by combining the Group's technologies, knowledge, and expertise acquired in the aluminum business.

Since its establishment, the NLM Group has been integrated aluminum manufacturer offering varieties of products ranging from aluminum raw material to fabricated products.

Aluminum has properties that make it a superb industrial material: it is lightweight and has excellent processability, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and recyclability. Nippon Light Metal has applied its core strengths-a wealth of knowledge about aluminum and its characteristics and technological capabilities that have been developed over many years-to supply a highly diversified range of products to a number of key industrial sectors, including the automotive, electrical and electronics, information and telecommunication, environment, safety, energy, construction, railroad, and food products industries.

On October 1, 2012, we established a new pure holding company, Nippon Light Metal Holdings Co., Ltd., to oversee the entire group under the new corporate governance system. Under the slogan Consolidate Everyone's Strengths into One, the new holding company will assume the management strategy planning function and allocate management resources to the respective businesses and domestic and overseas markets in an effective and efficient manner. In so doing, the Group will continue to meet the needs for greater sophistication and diversification in aluminum and aluminum-related materials.

By carrying out these business operations, the NLM Group will increase corporate value and contribute to improving the quality of people's lives by supporting customers in wide-ranging industrial sectors.

Ichiro Okamoto President and Chief Executive Officer